12 Weeks to your Best 5K

Stars & Stripes Training Group

Join the training group at the Start2Finish Performance Lab for a great 12-week training plan geared towards your best performance at the Memphis Stars & Stripes 5K on July 3rd. Stars and Stripes is the finale for the M-Town Summer Race Series.

You get 12 weeks of professional coaching, your Stars and Stripes race entry fee, t-shirt and other VIP amenities at M-Town Series races.

Our training group will be led by the run coaches from Can’t Stop Endurance.

The S2F Performance Lab Training Group includes: A 12-week training plan One group workout per week with a CSE running coach Weekly coaching email with training tips S2F Performance Lab t-shirt Stars & Stripes 5K race entry fee (or a credit towards your M-Town Series fee) VIP packet pickup and race day amenities at M-Town Series races.

Registration Fee: $199.00

Grab your running friends and register today for the S2F Performance Lab Training Group.

Training kicks off April 16th.

We will meet each Tuesday evening at 6 PM for a Group Workout. We will do a variety of workouts from intervals to hill repeats to tempo runs. Many of the runs will be combined with a clinic: Injury Prevention, Yoga, Form, etc. The runs will be at various locations around town. The full schedule will be available soon. We will have our first kick-off group run on Tuesday, April 16 at 6 PM at the Start2Finish Performance Lab, 678 Scott St.

Weekly Schedule COMING SOON!

  1. Week 1. Kick-Off Group Run April 16th 6pm @ S2F Performance Lab